Most of us have been in the situation of biting off more than we can chew, and boy is it a bitter situation. DIY renovations are a fun, and  cost cutting way to revamp your home…. In theory. It seems so easy to just grab a sledge hammer and demolish all your problems away, and it is.But, what comes after can easily go AWOL.

Contractors, black mold, and budget cuts OH MY! So many things can go wrong, it’s scary! To avoid the catastrophe of splurging too much and running out of budget for issues that arise later; Consult an Interior Designer and or General Contractor EARLY.  These professionals know what to look for and how to budget for the inevitable, as long as you hire someone with good references!

A dollar can only stretch so far. Set a realistic budget and design scope within that. We’d all love to live in a Kardashian-Jenner Mansion but we don’t all have the budget to do so. Consulting an Interior Designer can help you create a design scope within your budget that will meet your needs and most of your wants in a realistic way.  Don’t use H*TV  as a budget reference *hint* most of the product and furniture is donated so it isn’t included in the budget.

A great thing to do in a DIY situation is ASSIST your G.C with the labor don’t completely replace the professional but don’t be afraid to take on the smaller tasks i.e demolition (with supervision), trash clean up, painting, hell help them hang drywall if you want, Just make sure to have a pro on hand to keep things from going wrong.

Pro tip: Renovate in phases, i.e: Phase 1 The living room and dining room,  Phase 2 Kitchen and powder room etc. Taking on too many spaces at once can leave you scattered, indecisive and with a non cohesive design.

Don’t renovate your new home too quickly! Live in the space for a few months to see how it functions as is and how it can best be improved. This can help you avoiding unnecessary expenses by only changing what is needed.

That’s all from us for now, there are too many worms to count in the DIY can!

TTFN, Wyatt Lanford ( Brand Manager)