Mitra Shahi creates interiors rooted in tradition, personality and quality. She approaches each project with the goal of capturing her client’s essence and creating timeless spaces.Mitra has designed homes in climates and cultures as distinct as Scottsdale, New York, Tucson, San Diego, and Los Angeles. After forging her career at University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Arizona Institute of Interior Design, she opened the doors of La Maison Interior Design in 2000 and quickly garnered recognition from different publications.
“Good design satisfies the body’s innate need for comfort and the soul’s thirst for style.”

Respecting each home and client’s individuality  is at the core of Mitra’s signature style. Her dedication to original décor runs deep, as evidenced by the one-of-a-kind custom furnishings she designs for every project. While Mitra serves as the driving creative force behind LMID, it is her support staff and nationwide team of artisan experts who bring her vision to life.

Balancing the tenets of the LMID philosophy – custom designs, traditional influences, unexpected colors, bold patterns and each element distilled to its essence – requires a voracious appetite for influences both old and new. Mitra’s research never stops, whether she’s antiquing, exploring architectural salvage or traveling with her family.

Her whole-life approach to refilling the creative well trickles into designs in unexpected ways. Whether the end product is impeccably tailored or exquisitely worn in, it is unmistakably home.