What we do

La Maison is a boutique full-service interior design service. With over 15 years of experience from New York to Los Angeles. We are passionate about creating authentic designs and we strive to go above and beyond our client’s dreams and fulfill all of their wishes.

At La Maison Interior Design, our focus is on creating successful projects by providing the very best in architectural service and design. We take a holistic approach with each project, evaluating the needs of the individual client with the constraints of a site to determine appropriate solutions. Our services ensure that each process is unique and that client expectations are exceeded.

Professional services that we provide:

•  Complimentary Initial Consultation
•  Commercial and Residential Design
•  Space Planning
•  Complete Home Remodel & New Construction Management
•  Bid Coordination and Cost Analysis
•  City and Local Ordinance Permitting
•  Kitchen and Bath Design
•  Furniture and Décor Selection
•  Window Coverings
•  Landscape Design and Management
•  Design, Build and Interior Design