Happy day to you all, today we wanted to give you a few tips to change the way you perceive the things around you everyday.

Size Matters.-  I have one word for you to remember S C A L E. In design, not just for interiors, everything needs to balance together to ensure the visual weight isn’t off balance. In example ensure your side table isn’t dinky and small in comparison to your sofa, make sure the chandelier isn’t too large for above your dining room table, your pillows aren’t too big etc. Below are some examples of Scale done right.

The price isn’t king.- In short just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it is a good product. It may come as a shock to you all but  bare with us here; expensive doesn’t always mean better! Don’t blow your budget because a brand is selling you something for $8,500 when you can find a quality product for cheaper. This is very circumstantial, obviously if something is more expensive it SHOULD be a better product and IF it is get it! Just don’t be duped by a shiny brand label!

Comfort over beauty?-  We all have those pair of shoes that are so gorgeous but they just never quite seemed to fit right, while you adore them do you use them?- NO! Why? Because they aren’t functional! Don’t let your interiors be the same as those shoes! We at LMID believe in a simple philosophy “Easy Elegance” . You don’t want to feel like a prisoner in your own home! We all love a crisp white sofa, so Chic! But we don’t love having to train the dog and kids (maybe even the husband) not to sit on it or it will stain. Save yourself the hassle and use a performance fabric like Crypton, get the look and the comfort! I am all for having furniture that you can actually use! Love that beautiful large dining table, great!- Is it realistic for your space and or lifestyle? Don’t just design with the beauty in mind think of how you will actually use something years to come.

Color is a privilege not a right.- Don’t get greedy! It may be controversial but think of color as something to be appreciated, not be taken for granted. I.E: If you love the color blue, use it sparingly but in an impactful way: a neutral wallpaper with blue accents, throw pillows or an accent chair. DO NOT have blue walls, a blue sofa, blue pillows, blue lamps etc. Here are some tasteful examples below.

That’s all we have for you today! Will you start looking at the world as a designer? We hope so!

TTFN, Wyatt Lanford (Brand Manager)