We begin with fabric. Fabric inspires
colors, colors inspire moods, sketches
conjure furnishings from thin air, travel
photographs translate atmosphere
wordlessly, and floor plans carve spaces
for community and solitude. Inspiration
isn’t literal. It’s mystical. We do our
part. We gather our fabrics, books,
image libraries and experience.
Then inspiration leads us
somewhere wholly new.


We pick up our phone. We practice
timeliness and uncover inefficiencies.
We’re your partner, advocate and
adviser. We’re your home’s guardian.
Every detail warrants our attention,
down to the flowers on your dining
table. Under our meticulous
management renovations become
(almost) painless. It’s not enough
to create beautiful homes. We make
the experience one you’ll treasure.


Uncommon goods of fine quality
transform houses to homes. We
design furnishings, and the artisans
we partner with bring them to life.
You might see our devotion to
customization born out in a precisely
tailored sofa, a rug trimmed with nail
heads or a perfectly scaled armoire.
Wherever you see the fruits of our
labor, rest assured that’s the
only place it resides.