Top 5 Kitchen Taps

You may not think of it as a hotspot of your home, but your kitchen sinks may be the 2nd most utilized spot of your home (Second to the bathroom). Why wouldn’t you invest into making it beautiful? A sink is only as beautiful as it’s faucet. We have curated our top 5 kitchen faucets! Starting things off with this lovely piece by @waterstoneusa.   “MODEL NO. 9700” Adds sleek sophistication and a nod to the

Swoon Worthy Joints

Good day to you all, today we are bringing to you some swoon worthy joints and spaces. Ready, set, drool! @lamaisonmitra Not to toot our own horn but I personally am crushing on this Sunroom fashioned by our Principal Designer Mitra Shahi. She warmed the space by layering ivory matted art keeping the room from feeling stark by balancing out the gray tones. The outdoor sofa that was selected pulls from and compliments the multi

Contractors, Black Mold, And Budget Cuts OH MY!: When A DIY Goes Awry

Most of us have been in the situation of biting off more than we can chew, and boy is it a bitter situation. DIY renovations are a fun, and  cost cutting way to revamp your home…. In theory. It seems so easy to just grab a sledge hammer and demolish all your problems away, and it is.But, what comes after can easily go AWOL. Contractors, black mold, and budget cuts OH MY! So many things

Size Matters: A Guide To Seeing The World Through A Designer’s Eyes

Happy day to you all, today we wanted to give you a few tips to change the way you perceive the things around you everyday. Size Matters.-  I have one word for you to remember S C A L E. In design, not just for interiors, everything needs to balance together to ensure the visual weight isn’t off balance. In example ensure your side table isn’t dinky and small in comparison to your sofa, make