Contractors, Black Mold, And Budget Cuts OH MY!: When A DIY Goes Awry

Most of us have been in the situation of biting off more than we can chew, and boy is it a bitter situation. DIY renovations are a fun, and  cost cutting way to revamp your home…. In theory. It seems so easy to just grab a sledge hammer and demolish all your problems away, and it is.But, what comes after can easily go AWOL. Contractors, black mold, and budget cuts OH MY! So many things

Size Matters: A Guide To Seeing The World Through A Designer’s Eyes

Happy day to you all, today we wanted to give you a few tips to change the way you perceive the things around you everyday. Size Matters.-  I have one word for you to remember S C A L E. In design, not just for interiors, everything needs to balance together to ensure the visual weight isn’t off balance. In example ensure your side table isn’t dinky and small in comparison to your sofa, make

Mitra’s Picks For A Summer Refresh

Hello, my dear Design Addicts! Today Mitra has shared her picks for a Summer Refresh; it’s chock full of crisp whites, refreshing blues and a peek into LMID’s latest project! Our Yardley Mirror will add elegance to any space, I personally love this mirror in a bedroom setting or a small Powder Room the two-tone shagreen is just stunning! Another favorite of mine is the Music In Motion sculpture Mitra selected; we have done very

Milano Design Week

Milano Design Week just closed its doors and we’re ready for a quick recap of what’s going on in the design world across the pond. Hundreds of Designers and Brands took over the city with their newest products and art installations. Art and Design blend together with the city’s own architecture and make you never want to leave (or sleep!). We went there and brought back few key concepts: Everyday use objects ARE art, and

Vintage Costal

Hi all! I’ve been itching to go vintage shopping lately so I found this vintage Paris-esqe side chair and the rest just fell into place! I had fun layering in different woven textures and carrying over the fig leaves with the botanical painting from one of my favorite artists, I wanted to add a modern flare with our basket shaped table lamp. All of the items above can be purchased from La Maison’s Brentwood showroom!