Welcome Design Enthusiasts, and Styleholics! This is a place we are curating for the Habitually Chic, where the lines will blur between ‘Design professionals’ and the at Home ‘Style Queens‘. Every week (maybe more) our team of in house Designers and Stylists will give you their tips, curations and industry gossip!

Sounds like fun right? To start our Principal Designer (the big boss) Mitra Shahi has provided her top three ottoman choices for the Transitional Family Room, all of which can be purchased at her West LA showroom in the heart of the Brentwood Village.

Here is why: “For my 1st choice I love that it is a very neutral design, it can fit into most spaces without rocking the design boat. It also has thicker padding to make this more cozy if needed for additional seating. This piece has a large surface area (clocking in at 62 x 40) to add a tray and some accessories! My 2nd choice is very customizable we can easily make this ottoman in well over 200 fabrics and multiple finish options. I love that this has a tall frame, that makes it an easy choice for tighter spaces to add a sense of airiness. My 3rd choice is very textual from the soft folds from the diamond tufting to the wire brushed finish on the wooden base. Diamond tufting is one of my favorite ways to elevate a design.” – Mitra Shahi

Thanks Mitra! Thats all for today, check back soon for more design musings!

Ta Ta For Now, Wyatt Lanford ( Brand Manager)